“We honestly could not recommend a better influence on our children than Erin Wilson. She has been an instrumental part of our family, particularly our children’s lives since they were an infant and toddler. We have trusted her with them for the better part of a decade and she continues to be an extremely positive force in their lives.

Erin has consistently demonstrated a rare blend of compassion with the knowledge to get the most out of our children. She is extremely patient in guiding them through problem solving (both social and analytical) as well as in facilitating an environment where they are able to comfortably express themselves. Countless times through these interactions, we’ve seen Erin really get a true understanding of their mindset, which she is able to use to help guide them step-by-step. We are continually impressed with her ability to cultivate not only their understanding, but also their enthusiastic “buy in” in various learning moments.

Erin’s enthusiasm and passion have always been abundantly clear. And adding that to her hard-working, detailed nature as well as her expertise is a recipe for success.”

— Mike and Kara Dacquisto, Parents


“Erin Wilson has been an influential mentor in my life, and helped me develop the leadership skills I have today. Throughout my time in College she was always there when I needed her, coaching me when I had difficulties balancing work and school. She was one of the few people who sat me down and asked me how I was doing, when I was struggling, and offered solutions to my problems. Erin really cares for the students who work with her, and has even helped me achieve my goals after my time in college. Without her help I would not be able to have the opportunities I have today. I owe a lot to Erin as she helped navigate me at a time in my life where I was very unsure where I was headed.”

— Austin, Student

“As a BA student I had the pleasure of working with Erin Wilson during my junior year. Erin was able to coach me not only through my academic life, but my personal one as well. The relationship I have cultivated with Erin is extremely important to me because I know that I can turn to her with any issue and have it met with respect and a genuine drive to help find a solution. Despite my having graduated, Erin and I are still friends today and I still turn to her for advice.

What sets Erin apart is her ability to truly empathize with her students. She connects with people on a deeper level than what I have seen in most advisors or coaches; she goes out of her way to actively listen and approach problems critically. This skill-set makes her exceptional to work with. Whether the problem is academic, personal, or otherwise, Erin has shown me over and over that her position is not just a job, it is her passion.”

— Sarah, Student

“Erin has undoubtedly been one of the most positive influences in my transition from high school to college. I often struggled with what direction to take, and was constantly unsure of the potential I had in that stage of my life. Erin was always a reliable mentor who would go out of her way to support me, show me I was more than my vulnerabilities, and create opportunities for me to be sure of it. She is an honest person who has lived a full life and I could feel the empathy whenever she vouched for me, no matter the situation. Because of her advice, I was able to take on really diverse projects and learn a lot about what I wanted for myself and my career. Her recommendations also gave me the courage to pursue great universities later down the road! She really is the type of person who can validate all your concerns while giving you the fortitude to address them. To this day, I am thankful for her embrace of challenge, her unbiased love for all characters, and frankness towards the real issues at hand. Thanks for everything, Erin!”

— Abby, Student

“Erin Wilson provided support and guidance during a difficult time in my life. As an adult returning to college and recently divorced, I went through a huge transition in both my professional and personal lives. Erin was able to help me manage classes, homework, student employment and a lot of stress. But what makes her so special is how she goes beyond the call of duty - because she truly cares about her students and peers. She has this amazing ability to make you feel comfortable right away. This makes it really easy to open up, be vulnerable and discuss anything on your mind. I found her advice simple, direct and insightful. Erin’s dedication, knowledge and kindness have been invaluable. Now, 2 years later she still checks in on me and I am grateful to not only call her my mentor, but my friend.”

— Casey, Student