Packages and Pricing


All of our services are customizable, so if you have an idea for a package that fits your needs better than those listed, just ask us!

We Also offer Boot Camps and Workshops!

Set up for Success session

Determines if we are the right choice while giving you an opportunity to explore who you are and what you want out of coaching.

$150 (Special: Get the Set up for Success session price off the first month when you sign up for a monthly plan!)

  • Set up for Success session with personalized road map/agenda setting session
  • Executive Functioning assessment based off Drs. Dawson and Guare's work

In-Person Monthly Plan

Available in month-to-month ($1250/mo), three ($1100/mo), six ($1050/mo), or twelve month ($1000/mo) plans - additional sessions available for $200 each

  • Weekly 1-hour session (I go to you--travel time and mileage are no extra charge!)
  • Evening and Sunday appointments available
  • Time management audit for your student with strategies for budgeting time and using time effectively.
  • Hands-on individualized learning plans - since every student is unique, I structure the session around your student and their individual needs
  • Unlimited client-initiated e-mails and texts (Guaranteed 24-hour response time)
  • Assessments as necessary (DISC, ProfileXT assessment, StrengthsFinder, MBTI) to identify your student's strengths and help to determine career interests, college majors, and life goals
  • Nudges - reminders, encouragement, and check-ins personalized for your student for added accountability and support--I'm your child's personal cheerleader!
  • Large-scale goals and small-scale projects that we complete together - daily goal sheets, systems for tracking behavior and performance, and communication plans for your student's self-advocacy
  • Customized planning for your student's sessions, debriefing, and preparation time - If your student needs school supplies, let me do the running around and bring them to our next session.
  • Organizational skills and how to use a planner - Use your favorite or the Work-Smart Academic Planner I provide. Learn a system for keeping track of assignments and due dates while developing the crucial executive skills needed to succeed in school and beyond--students are guided to build a daily study plan, manage their time, set short- and long-term goals, study for tests, and record their successes
  • Through use of technology tools (Google calendar, Schoology, Source, Oba, Canvas, Blackboard, and other apps) your student builds systems that help them succeed both inside the classroom and out.
  • Additional Discounts
    • Set up for Success session counted towards the first month’s price
    • 20% off additional sessions
    • 20% off boot camp offerings

Virtual Monthly Plan

Available in monthly ($550/mo) or hourly ($200/hr) plans

  • Weekly 60-minute Coach Call via Skype session - Evening and Weekend appointments available
  • Unlimited e-mails and texts (Guaranteed 24-hour response time)
  • Additional Discounts
    • Set up for Success session counted towards the first month’s price
    • 20% off additional sessions
    • 20% off boot camp offerings
Erin is a great coach! My grades have gone from C’s and D’s to nearly straight A’s and a 3.8 GPA since I started working with her. I’ve learned how to manage my schoolwork and organize myself properly. Erin is also a great friend and I consider her to be a part of the family. I definitely recommend working with her!!
— Madeleine, student