Packages and Pricing


I want to make sure that you get the absolute best service I can provide--like a personal concierge--which means that in order to keep the quality high, my commitment to you is that I only hold eight students at a time. This allows me to really get to know you and do many of the "behind the scenes" things that help keep our sessions focused on your needs (like checking grades and writing teachers).  All of our services are customizable, so if you have an idea for a package that fits your needs better than those listed, just ask us! This is especially true if you want to start coaching in the middle of a semester or a year. Finally, monthly payment plans can be arranged, so if that's easier, we can make that a reality.

A Typical Session

Although every session is shaped by the unique relationship between the coach and the student, most sessions include:

  1. CHECK-IN - How are you doing (as a person, not just as a student)? I want to hear all about school, family, friends, anything you want to share!
  2. GRAPHS/DATA - How well are you following through on your habits this week? What are your grades looking like? We will put it all in a super cool graph so you can actually SEE your progress!
  3. TOOLS - What study, time management, and organizational tools do you need to learn in order to rock school and life? I'll teach you those tools so we can start finding a system that works for you.
  4. SKILL BUILDING - What skills need practice so that you can use the tools you've learned to rock the next week? Let's try these together!
  5. ACTION ITEMS - What action items will you commit to during the next week? Let's make a plan for success!
  6. SURPRISE! - What kind of support and celebration do you need outside of sessions to feel great about school and life? I'm here to support and cheer you on, so let's me know the best way to do that!
How many sessions does a student need?

This differs, of course, from student to student. The majority of my clients see me weekly for the duration of the school year and beyond. The longer we work together, the more able the student is to fully integrate habits into their lives.

Set Up for Success Session

Determines if we are the right choice while giving you an opportunity to explore who you are and what you want out of coaching.

$150 (Special: Get the Set up for Success session price off the first month when you sign up for a monthly plan!)

  • Set up for Success session with personalized road map/agenda setting session
  • Executive Functioning assessment based off Drs. Dawson and Guare's work

Super Supportive Coaching Packages

Choose a Plan

Flexibility in meeting
Digital meetings with Zoom, phone sessions, meeting at my home (North Seattle), or the Northgate branch of the Seattle Public Library.

Convenient meeting location
I COME TO YOU with travel time, gas, and mileage included!

Choose a Duration

Super Supportive Semester - A full semester of personalized support helping you with academics, organization, or whatever you need. After this semester, you will have a strong grasp of study skills, systems to keep you organized and on top of it, and support with self-advocacy and life skills. AUG-DEC/JAN-MAY; SEPT-JAN/FEB-JUNE
Flexibility in meeting ($4,995), Convenient meeting location ($6,995)

Super Supportive Year - Want everything in the Super Supportive Semester package, but know you want support for the entire school year? Save money, secure your spot, and start building skills for success! This plan has everything listed above in a "set it and forget it" ten-month/school year package! AUG-MAY or SEPT-JUNE Save 10% off the semester cost!
Flexibility in meeting ($8,990), Convenient meeting location ($12,590)

[+] Coaching Sessions
  • Guaranteed recurring weekly time slot
  • A full 60-minute weekly sessions
  • Access to drop-in office hours
  • [+] Show me more...
[+] Tools and Skills
  • Time management audit
  • Homework calendar and study plan
  • Hands-on individualized learning plans
  • [+] Show me more...
[+] Mentorship and Support (Outside of sessions)
  • 360-degree support
  • Nudges - reminders, encouragement, and check-ins
  • Strategies and systems
  • [+] Show me more...
  • Set up for Success Session is counted towards the first month's price
  • 20% off boot camp offerings
  • Access to Gretchen Wegner's Anti-Boring Approach to Powerful Studying course and video series - $197 value!

Erin is a great coach! My grades have gone from C’s and D’s to nearly straight A’s and a 3.8 GPA since I started working with her. I’ve learned how to manage my schoolwork and organize myself properly. Erin is also a great friend and I consider her to be a part of the family. I definitely recommend working with her!!
— Madeleine, student