Success Coaching Services

Academic Support and College Prep/Transition
Executive Functions and Cognitive Control
Life Skills
Social Skills


[+] Academic Support and College Prep/Transition
  • Effective study skills
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[+] Life Skills
  • Independent and responsible living (adulting)
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  • Transition to different learning environments (middle school - upper school - college)
[+] Executive Functions and Cognitive Control
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A Typical Session

Although every session is shaped by the unique relationship between the coach and the student, most sessions include:

  1. CHECK-IN - How are you doing (as a person, not just as a student)? I want to hear all about school, family, friends, anything you want to share!
  2. GRAPHS/DATA - How well are you following through on your habits this week? What are your grades looking like? We will put it all in a super cool graph so you can actually SEE your progress!
  3. TOOLS - What study, time management, and organizational tools do you need to learn in order to rock school and life? I'll teach you those tools so we can start finding a system that works for you.
  4. SKILL BUILDING - What skills need practice so that you can use the tools you've learned to rock the next week? Let's try these together!
  5. ACTION ITEMS - What action items will you commit to during the next week? Let's make a plan for success!
  6. SURPRISE! - What kind of support and celebration do you need outside of sessions to feel great about school and life? I'm here to support and cheer you on, so let's me know the best way to do that!

I have worked with Erin and her enthusiasm for people and her unwavering support left me feeling inspired and empowered to make major changes in my life.
— Annie, Student